Some thoughts about my painting

My art makes – with the means of painting – my inner world visible

The present text – as short as it may be – is the attempt to put into words what is important to me in my painting.

Three terms are key:

  • Design
  • Tradition
  • Innovation



(Not only in relation to my work)
The design, the way something is done has always been important to me . Not everyone can do everything. Just as I can relate a lot of “uns” to myself (I am unmusical, un-mathematical, uneducated), in my view, “everyone is an artist” is only applicable if you don’t apply the standards of skillful design (and that includes the idea, too ). For me, the style is as important as the content or the idea.



I am not iconoclastic but also no icon worshiper. I can play with the past without having to attack it. To say that my painting is in the tradition of Ribera, Goya or Dix, would be presumptuous. But I learned a lot from them. Mostly in terms of the “how”. Maybe that’s why I’m looking for my role models rather in the past than in the present. Today there are good painters, too. Real geniuses and real experts. Unfortunately, they swim in a pool with stumpers, boring people, actors and plagiarists. And in this environment, their genius is imperceptible. Only a few (in relation to the “trained artists”) provide enough substance to immerse themselves in their work in a painterly, intellectually and conceptually.



I have never committed myself to a style. The “typical Campos” does not exist. Always open for the new I was ready to translate spontaneous visual stimuli into image ideas, however these may be. There was no hiding behind certain styles. Shapeless and colorful pictures stand alongside with concrete works painted in the Old Masters style. All have in common a certain handwriting and the claim to want to make it “right”.


In the following I will be adding little essays on selected paintings. Have fun reading!

The Bathers

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